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Skin pharmacy for healthy beauty, Feld-apotheke

Feld apotheke is a German word meaning “Field pharmacy built for injured soldiers in the field of war.” Feld apotheke makes essential products for skin health. By finding out the natural activating ingredients in nature to make skin healthy and adding effective bio ingredients proven by the scientific approach, we provide skin-boosting remedies to create maximum effect.

Feldapotheke produces the best cosmetics based on Skin Science

Feldapotheke’s skin scientists have been conducting research on safe and effective chemicals for skin for several years now. We focus on the development of the best products that will strengthen skin’s own life energy, instead of providing outer temporary effects. We conduct systematic research to provide ideal skin effects instead of following a trend even though it may be more time-consuming and costlier.

Healthy skin is the basic of beautiful skin

We tend to associate beautiful skin with white skin and wrinkle-free skin. Feldapotheke thinks that genuine beauty comes from healthy skin and aims to develop cosmetics that ultimately make skin healthy. Healthy skin radiates beautifully from deep within skin for a long time.

Maximizes the value of ingredients to make them nourish skin

Even if a cosmetic contains a lot of good ingredients, they are of no use if they do not have effective functions. We stick to the best ingredients and carefully select the production process, type, and distribution. We use only safe ingredients and exclude harmful chemical ingredients. We then conduct systematic research to maximize the value of ingredients.